MIMOT Track MT 60

MIMOT board handling modules

  • MIMOT Track MT 60
  • MIMOT Track MT 60

MIMOT board conveyor modules are used to interconnect several SMT placement machines and/or additional equipment to create an in-line production line.

The modules are used as in-feed-, link- or out-feed-stations and feature programmable belt speed as well as check and stop functions.

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Depending on requirements customers can choose arbitrary combinations. Operation and setup is controlled via the placement machine’s user interface.

MT modules communicate with other line equipment via its SMEMA interface.

Width adjustment of in-feed conveyors is carried out in conjunction with the width adjustment of the placement nest of the placement machine (standard: motorized with manual control; option: motorized and software controlled via placement program).

In addition, MIMOT Track MT 150 E/A and MIMOT Track MT 180 E/A can be upgraded to become an inspection station. This feature allows for manual in-line check of boards during their travel between production line stations.

This option adds the following components to a MIMOT Track MT 60 module:

  • Ergonomically designed work surface with arm rests for fatigue-proof work
  • Storage feature for check-tools in optimal working height
  • Magnifier lamp
  • Illumination of the work area
  • Programmable check step of the belt drive

MIMOT board magazine lifts

The loader magazine lift automatically takes the boards out of the magazine and provides them to the next segment via a conveying belt. The integration of the board extractor into the conveying belt module brings enormous space savings. Magazines can be exchanged quickly and comfortably.

The unloader magazine lift automatically takes the boards from an out-feed belt and stores them in a magazine. The integration of the board pusher into the conveying belt module brings enormous space savings. Magazines can be exchanged quickly and comfortably. Due to the pusher-design, no magazine clearance slots are required below the board.

The magazine lifts can even be operated in reversal mode. Using a combined in-feed/out-feed belt segment, boards can be taken out of a magazine slot for placement operation and after assembly they get pushed back into the magazine via the same belt segment.

MIMOT board magazine lift TWIN

The MIMOT board magazine lift TWIN can be operated either as loader or as unloader or for bidirectional loading/unloading from one end of the line.

Due to its high loading and unloading capacity it is perfectly suited for lightly-manned shifts or if pass and fail boards are to be separated automatically.

MIMOT board destacking unit

The MIMOT board destacking unit is designed to add to MIMOT board magazine lifts. This unit permits loading of an assembly line with stacked boards. Using the MIMOT board destacking unit customers can automate the expensive and time consuming task of manually separating piled-up boards.

Can be combined with standard and TWIN loaders. The destacking unit doesn’t require extra footprint.

MIMOT board rotation station

The MIMOT board rotation station allows for changing the transport direction e.g. by 90 degrees. Key benefits are improved area utilization, better overview over the entire line and increased efficiency through minimized legwork.

Combining two assembly lines into one reflow oven or separating PASS/FAIL boards after  an AOI inspection are just a few possible applications of the rotation station.

MIMOT board buffer station

The MIMOT board buffer station provides temporary first-in first-out (FIFO) storage of boards within a production line.

To ensure communication with SMT placement machines the magazine lifts are equipped with SMEMA interfaces.