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Manufacturing Logistics Terminal (MLT)

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Manufacturing Logistics Terminal (MLT)

Since 2011, MIMOT has been developing and implementing the priciples of Industry 4.0 and the future smart factory rules for all products.
The new Smart Factory Storage System is a fully automatical system

Developing and implementing the principles of Industrie 4.0

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SmartFactory Systems are the heart of industry 4.0
Intelligent networked machines, self-learning and self-optimizing processes
Optimization of value streams
Through the use of value stream process combined with intelligent material handling solutions can be reached much more efficient value streams.

Modular expandable

  • The modular build up of it take care of all requirements of the customer.
  • The System works without any operator.
  • A lot of Options are possible to integrat in  the system at any time e.g. AGV, X-Ray counter, drying Module with option to heat it up till 40°C
  • The system is self-learning and self-optimizing
  • The average storage times are less than 20sec / reel.
  • Several full automatic I/O station can be defined.
  • The full ESD capability has been certified by 2 independent institutes.
  • Capacity more than 20,000 reels are possible


An additional stock receipt module (option) allows for reception of reels – independent of current setup operation at the setup station.

Separated reception/withdrawal

To ensure fast access to materials the system is equipped with separate reception and withdrawal stations.

Integrated setup station

To ensure a fast setup operation the setup station is integrated into the input/output station of the ML Terminal.

Pick2Light shelves integrated/standalone

The shelves are connected with the software system. Storage locations can be identified via light signals. Storage locations are suited for: JEDEC trays, sticks, feeders, tools, stencils, test fixtures, and many other accessories.


Supports the operator during receipt/withdrawal of reels and during the setup procedure. Includes a complete enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Reels from 7 to 15 inches

Depending on the system configuration, users can store reels from 7 to 15 inches diameter and 8 mm to 56 mm width.

Freely configurable storage place

Due to a sophisticated design each container can be freely configured for any reel size (7" to 15"/8 mm - 56 mm).

Data interface

Connectivity options to all common ERP systems (SAP etc.). Direct comparison of stock data with a higher-level system.