Data management

  • MIMedit
  • MIMedit

The software module MIMedit manages all libraries (components, packages, feeders, placement programs, dispense patterns, etc.).

The graphical representation of programs and packages provides a perfect overview over newly created components.

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  • raphical processing of placement programs
  • Processing of the component library
  • Definition of packages, definition of dispense patterns


Management of component data, feeder data and storage data

The software module MIMprep provides up-to-the-minute data on all components and feeders in the entire system.

Feeders on the machine or at the feeder cart can be proposed for the next production job.

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  • Management of component-, feeder- and storage-data
  • Optimizes setup of a single job or a bundle of jobs
  • Handles setup optimization online on a separate PC
  • Graphical display of the current and/or planned machine setup
  • Generates and prints the component trading unit barcode labels
  • A graphical display informs about current and planned setup of the placement machine
  • MIMprep
  • MIMprep


Job sequence

  • MIMopt

Within a given number of jobs to be produced the sequence of job production should be optimized to minimize setup effort.

MIMExplorer does exactly that calculation for you. Unnecessary permanent mounting and dismantling of components will be avoided. In addition, components to be used later on are classified as “reserved” to avoid unnecessary dismantling.

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  • MIMopt establishes the optimal job sequence to minimize production time
  • Minimum setup effort, eliminates unnecessary mount and dismantle processes
  • Urgent jobs can get prioritized
  • Optimization takes only little time, results are graphically displayed


Job management

MIMjob provides features for managing jobs like e.g. creation of new jobs, editing of existing jobs and definition of assemblies and batch sizes.

After completion of a production job, MIMjob can be used to generate reports on job results and component usage.

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  • The software module MIMjob manages all job and component data. It analyzes shop floor data of the placement machines and provides the interface to PPC systems
  • Runs a job post calculation
  • Reports on production time, idle time, component consumption, and placement performance are available
  • For a selected job you can manage batch size, target date and priority. For selected components you can manage order quantity, warn and safety stock
  • MIMjob


Component level monitoring

  • MIMfill
  • MIMfill
  • MIMfill

The software module MIMfill monitors the component filling level of one or more machines. The operator immediately recognizes that a component reel will become empty and can provide the next feeder with that component.

This forward-looking strategy of using the component filling level display helps to avoid unnecessary machine down time.

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  • The current feeder status concerning component quantity is permanently monitored
  • Operators easily recognize feeders which are running out of components in advance. Preparing spare feeders in time will avoid machine downtime
  • Various filter settings are available for distinct feeder types
  • Only feeders with required components are observed


    Operations scheduling

    The MIMOT placement line receives data (component number, coordinates, etc.) for individual jobs from CAD data of the respective printed circuit board. This includes placement programs and data of the components to be placed as well.

    The MIMcad software module converts CAD ASCII data into the appropriate format to be used within the MIMOT system.

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    • Pre-defined MIMOT CAD data import protocols are available
    • Special data formats can be imported from several distributed source files
    • An interactive conversion tool enables the user to import CAD data without pre-defined import filters
    • MIMcad


    Stock administration

    • MIMstore

    The stock administration software module MIMstore assigns an unique barcode to each component trading unit to be stored. The barcode labels can include additional information like e.g. component designation, package and standard storage location.

    This unique barcode is used as ID feature for all subsequent operations.

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    • Stock receipt and withdrawal of component trading units
    • Manual withdrawal
    • Information on trading unit data, component data and feeder data
    • Minimum stock administration
    • Inventory reports



    MIMtrace provides necessary data to be used in traceability solutions. All related information to join board-, component- and system-data is at hand.

    The software module MIMtrace collects and archives data from all batches and placement operations. Usage lists for distinct component batches or boards can be created in various types.

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    • Automated application/reading of Data Matrix barcode labels to identify boards/panels
    • Various levels of traceability are available to suit the requirements. Automatically set during job generation
    • Comprehensive analysis and documentation for various criteria
    • MIMtrace
    • MIMtrace

    Data Interface

    Interfacing to external systems

    • Data Interface

    Several connections to different ERP, PPC and inventory control systems are available. Receiving enterprise data (storage, jobs, etc.) is supported as well as feedback on component consumption.

    In addition, interfaces are available for dedicated storage systems, which allow MIMexplorer to directly request components for a planned line setup.

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    • The MIMOT software system can be interfaced to existing ERP systems using text files, XML files, database connectivities, or APIs
    • Forwarding of machine time and component consumption to higher-level systems